C4 Photo and Video Round-up

Here’s a list of photo albums from various builders at C4 – Updated 7/12/07

Chris James
Oliver Steeples
Victor Franco
Tim Goldenburg
Jeff Barnes
William Miyamoto
Andy Schwartz
Jerry Greene
Jesper Laursen
Ray Sanders
Vincent Sanchez

Official SW Blog R2 Builders Flickr Pool
SW Action News Flickr C4 Pool (not an R2 Builders gallery but lots of great droid photos)

Video –

Official SW Blog – Astromechs in Action
Droid Races (Spike TV)
Droid Races
Droid Parade (Phil Wise)
Droid Parade 2 (Darth Will)
Chip Luck on CBS
Droid Races Crash
My Lost C4 Interview

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