My Lost C4 Interview

I vaguley remember doing a few interviews at C4, but never thought I’d see any of them. But today I found one on Youtube.

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R-Series – Volume 3 Now Out

I forgot to blog this back in September, but here it is now for your perusal.


Check it out here  or to obtain a print copy see the official R2 Builders website. Back issues 1 and 2 are also available.

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C4 Photo and Video Round-up

Here’s a list of photo albums from various builders at C4 – Updated 7/12/07

Chris James
Oliver Steeples
Victor Franco
Tim Goldenburg
Jeff Barnes
William Miyamoto
Andy Schwartz
Jerry Greene
Jesper Laursen
Ray Sanders
Vincent Sanchez

Official SW Blog R2 Builders Flickr Pool
SW Action News Flickr C4 Pool (not an R2 Builders gallery but lots of great droid photos)

Video –

Official SW Blog – Astromechs in Action
Droid Races (Spike TV)
Droid Races
Droid Parade (Phil Wise)
Droid Parade 2 (Darth Will)
Chip Luck on CBS
Droid Races Crash
My Lost C4 Interview

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Couple of shots from C4

Here’s a few more photos from C4. First up the group picture after the droid parade.

C4 Droid Parade

Here’s a video of the parade itself

Next up, me in the replica Tantive IV hallway

Chris - Tantive IV Hallway

and finally me driving R2 around

Driving R2

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Back from C4 – R2 Lives!

I’m back from C4 and R2 performed really well.

I was able to finish the basic structure, the dome, the electronics and he was fully RC’d and running around most all of the days at the con. As you can see I also fixed the dome and got most of the blue painting done. Battery life was excellent and the Roboteq AX3500 speed controller / NPC-2212 combo worked out great. I was in both races and the little guy far exceeded my expectations of what I thought I’d be able to do at C4.

This is me driving back to the hotel on the last evening ready for transport back to the Bay Area – Yes I drove him home 1/2 mile to the hotel without incident.

Chris and R2 - C4

I still need to sort through my photos and upload them and post a full write-up, but wanted to post something other than having my dented dome as the top post in the blog 🙂

I also intend on going back and catch up with blog posts on all the building I did before I left.

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Celebration 4 Pass

Got my pass today for Celebration 4 🙂

It only feels like last week that I was posting something similar about C3.

They did a real bad job of laminating it, but I’ll be swapping it for a volunteer pass anyway.

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