Fanboys SF Charity Premier

Last night was the SF charity premier of the Fanboys movie, and Gerard and I were there with Artoo.

We started the evening off at the Metreon Theater and hung out and entertained the crowd as they waited in line.

We did get to see the movie and I can report that it’s really good, not quite what I was expecting, but lots of fun and fans will definitely like it.

There was also a Q&A session with some of the cast and crew, and we got to hear some of the behind the scene decisions and gossip.

Kyle Newman (Director), Chris Marquette (Linus), Dan Fogler (Hutch), Jamie King.

Kyle Newman happily answering questions

Dan Fogler looks very different without the big hair and beard

Chris Marquette

On the way out we had a hard time getting thru the crowds, usually it’s kids that follow as if we were the pied piper, but it was the grown-ups this time.

By 9:30 we were done at the theater and rushing over to the party at Otis, a tiny club just off Union Square.  The place was so small and packed I was worried about taking Artoo inside, but we setup a small roped off area for people to take photos.

Chris Marquette and Dan Fogler

West Side!

Talking with Jamie King, actress and Kyle’s wife. Watch for her in the Vegas scenes.

Gerard and I with Dave Filoni

Bonnie Burton

One last thing, Gerard spotted these giant “Holo Projectors” on the ceiling of the Theater

Big thank you to Gerard for all his help and for taking the majority of the photos above, and to GenArt for working with us to be at the event, and sharing their photos.

As usually more photos in the gallery.

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