Life Form Scanner Screen Material

I’ve finished re-installing the pie panels using hinges and servos, so now I’m starting to think again about the gadgets that pop out, like the Life Form Scanner as seen in ESB.

Yesterday at Ace, I found some perforated brass sheet that’s close to the screen material used in the movie. It was $25 and probably big enough to make at least 6 screens. According to the label the product is distributed by K&S Engineering, Stock No. 6412, UPC 6 76116 06412 2.

I’ll have to paint it silver, and the perforated design is not totally accurate but it’s close enough for me.

I’ve also been researching mini/compact power antennas for the Life Form Scanner lift mechanism.

Posted by Chris on July 12th, 2008 in Dome, Electronics | 3 Comments

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  1. Exavior remarks on

    Rather than painting it, you could electroplate it with nickle. That way you would not have to worry about the paint clogging the spaces in the material, and you would get a nice metal finish.

    Any plans for that extra material? 😉


  2. Chris remarks on

    Good idea. I’ll have to look into how I can get it done locally.

    Once I’ve cut my screen and happy with it, I’ll probably share the spare 🙂

  3. Exavior remarks on

    You could electroplate it yourself, the process is really quite simple. (and fun)

    Part of my motivation for building R2 is to give myself a “practical” application to learn new technologies, processes, work with new materials, etc. Electroplating is a good example of a process you might not normally have a use for, but learning how to do it could be a lot of fun and very educational.

    Do a YouTube search for “electroplating” and you should see some great examples, including a couple using nickel.


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