Decisions Decisions

Well I got thru the R2 LA III DVD that I got from McMaster at the Don Bies get together – Well worth the money and I’m going to have to go back and get the set and can’t wait for the R2 LA IV disc.

I learned a lot from it and I’m going to have to watch it again soon. Mike Senna is amazing and I wish I had half the skill and brain he has. His leg tutorial is worth the price of the DVD alone.

Talking of legs a lot of people had been saying I should just go the wood route for my body and legs, but after seeing all the work and tools that’s need to do the job I’m less inclined. Another problem I have is that I live on the coast and it’s really damp and foggy here – I’m worried the wood will warp and de-laminate. I know how much doors and trim on the house warp from season to season (even when they’re sealed/painted), so I’ve decided to wait it out for an Aluminum run of legs and a body. It’s going to be expensive but worth it.

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