Dome Switches

I’ve come to the conclusion that external dome bump switches are a bad idea, for events at least.

Dome Bump Switches

I like the convenience of being able to quickly turn off the dome lights to save the battery, but kids quickly work out what they do and are constantly playing with them. They can’t do much damage but i’s very annoying, and I’m leaning toward replacing them with an internal switch even though it’ll be a pain to get at. I’m not sure if I’d leave the dead switches in place or replace them with simple bumps.

If you’re about to go down this route I’d personally recommend against having external switches of any kind.

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Decisions Decisions

Well I got thru the R2 LA III DVD that I got from McMaster at the Don Bies get together – Well worth the money and I’m going to have to go back and get the set and can’t wait for the R2 LA IV disc.

I learned a lot from it and I’m going to have to watch it again soon. Mike Senna is amazing and I wish I had half the skill and brain he has. His leg tutorial is worth the price of the DVD alone.

Talking of legs a lot of people had been saying I should just go the wood route for my body and legs, but after seeing all the work and tools that’s need to do the job I’m less inclined. Another problem I have is that I live on the coast and it’s really damp and foggy here – I’m worried the wood will warp and de-laminate. I know how much doors and trim on the house warp from season to season (even when they’re sealed/painted), so I’ve decided to wait it out for an Aluminum run of legs and a body. It’s going to be expensive but worth it.

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