Maker Faire 2009

Some photos from this years Maker Faire

Education Day

Maker Party


Chris E’s droid with mine next to a Tesla electric sports car.

Chris E fixing his drive train

Lego R2!

SW Craft with Bonnie Burton

Maker Awards – I think we got 4 or 5 this year.

Other random robots, the first was a wearable Robbie – guy does amazing work and is local – alas I lost his card.


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Maker Faire Coming Soon



The fourth annual Maker Faire is just around the corner (May 30th), it will showcase individual creativity and grassroots innovation in the largest festival devoted to DIY culture and technology in the country. We’re hoping to be there again with our droids, if you’re interested in joinng us drop me an email.

It’s kind of hard to describe the event, but PC Magazine put it pretty well “Maker Faire is an improbable mixture of spectacle and practicality–a combination of engineering, crafts, science, and art that seemed to sufficiently blur the lines between all four.”

[more info]


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My Artoo in Bantha Tracks

I almost forgot to post this, my Artoo is in the September 2008 edition of Star Wars Insider / Bantha Tracks.

The photo was taken at the Maker Faire back in May.

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Maker Faire : Intel Developer Forum

Last Thursday Steve and I where at a the Mini Maker Faire at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco.  There were probably close to 30 makers in attendance, ranging from robots and electronics projects to Steampunk musicians.

It was the last night of the show and the party was packed. We got to mingle with some cool people and show off Artoo and a bunch of parts and explain what goes into making your very own droid.

I’m in the computer industry so it was strange to be there as an outsider providing entertainment for the evening. It did allow me to make some obscure jokes about Intel chips that nobody would normally get.

This guy was upset because I didn’t have my transmitter in a bag to hide it from onlookers 🙂

We did a couple of interviews and TV spots, including this one with Wil Harris from ChannelFlip. I’ve been listening to him for years on Twit and it was fun to finally meet him.

Big thanks to the Make team for inviting us to this event – they really do know how to organize a great show.

More photos in the gallery.

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Maker Faire Videos

Here’s a collection of video of us at Maker Faire

Skip forward to the 2 minute mark for the interview

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R2 Flip Book

Even Artoo got in on the act at Maker Faire and made his very own flip book with the help from Eddie at Check out the video

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R2 Maker Faire News Coverage

I’ve been inundated with emails from people who saw us at Maker Faire. Here’s some of the reaction from the internet and media out there.

And if you Google on “Maker Faire R2D2” then you should get a sea of blog posts and videos 🙂

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Maker Faire – Dance Program

Short video compilation of Artoo dancing with the children at Maker Faire.

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