SyRen10 Speed Controller and Vex Setup

A couple of people have written and asked how I configured the SyRen10 Speed Controller and how I connected it to Vex Micro controller, so I thought it best to document it here for future reference.

Setup and wiring was very easy, and I simply went through the online SyRen setup wizard and picked logical answers.

As you can see all but dip switch one are set to ON.

SyRen10 Vex Settings

And here’s how the controller is connected to the Vex

Vex to SyRen10 Speed Controller

There’s only 4 other wires needed, 2 to the battery (V+/-) and 2 to the motor (M+/M-)

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Periscope RC Test

Big milestone for me tonight. I finally got around to wiring up my dome periscope lift mech to a speed controller and my VexLabs RC setup.

This is my first time wiring up anything like this, so I was a bit apprehensive. The good news is I didn’t pop anything and it worked first time.

I was really surprised on how fast the little motor spun the mech up and down. So fast that the threaded rod squeals a bit. I may have to program in limits on the controller to cap the max speed.

Here’s a quick photo of the test setup and a video

Dome Periscope Lifter Mech Test

For the test I used a SyRen10 Speed Controller.

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