SF IndieFest – Fanboys

Here’s a couple of shots from the Fanboys screening at the San Francisco IndieFest two weeks ago.

The RL/501st were out in force, and the passers by in the Mission were kind of freaked out to see so much activity at this small theater.

Photo with some of the cast and crew, including Kyle Newman (Director), Jamie King, Dan Fogler (Hutch), Chris Marquette (Linus), and Sam Huntington is hidden in there somewhere.

Movie and Q&A was scheduled to start around 9pm, so we showed up around 8pm and were mobbed the entire time we were there

Gonk droid fan

Once the movie started we did get a chance to take some shots without the crowd

Uncle George was supposed to show, but didn’t – not sure what happened – but to be honest it was around 10:30pm at this point, so I can’t blame him for not showing.

We were supposed to head over to the after show party at Cellspace at 11pm, but I decided to skip it because the crowds were too much for Artoo.

[More photos]

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